Manhattan 20x24 Studio


How much does Elsa charge?

$4500 for one portrait, framed. There is a $500 surcharge for travel, studio rental, and the varia of Manhattan life. Shipping and tax are extra.

When will Elsa be in Manhattan next?

She's there at least once a month (Amtrak is great!).

What if I need Elsa on a different day?

Call her.

How do I make an appointment with Elsa?

Email her at or phone at 617-876-6416.

Where does Elsa take the picture?

The Polaroid studio is in between homes. The phone number still works: (212) 925-1403.

Who does Elsa work with at the Polaroid studio?

w/ John Reuter,CEO of 20x24 LLC, the 20x24 project savior, artist and friend of Elsa's since her first session, February 8, 1980.

Can Elsa take a picture of me and my girlfriend?

Warning: Elsa has a bad track record with people who have not had a commitment ceremony. The couples never last; the portrait DOES.

If you see a picture of yourself on this page, and you do not want it to be here, contact Elsa immediately.